Blue Flower

Communication is the most important part of daily life apart from food, clothing and shelter. Imagine a day spent without communication is so much like a curse. It will give a perfect picture of Svetambara male in Jain community, not to get offended just a funny highlight of non-communication. People love to talk. They have so much to say that’s its unending. Rofl, the universe may come to end but the speech of mankind is chiranjivi! Forever!

Whats app saved us from bandits who were unnecessarily charging us high amount on phone calls and becoming a block in peoples much needed expression through communication. Whatsapp status in Hindi has made the language of communication very relaxed for Hindi talking people.

Whats app post days have made the communication very interesting from morning to evening. Too much of talks, hello’s , goodbyes, in office, in meeting etc.

Whatsapp status in Hindi, made the communication stress-free .Else people used Hindi words in English. People of all age are using whats app , so whats app Hindi has made very comfortable for the traditional people who have initially some difficulty in using whats app in Hindi. Posting status has made chat more easier as people have become lazy and now their finger also feel lazy to type so let’s make it even more shorter. “Now post Status in Hindi” and let the family and friends know about you with one sentence enough to describe you. This is the exceptionality of whats app, if you want to talk a lot free of cost. Chat and if want to talk less and describe where you are going and what you are doing just post  status in one sentence. Enough & Amazing !

Conclusion- Whatsapp is very helpful in distance communication. It can help you connect with your love ones.